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19.5.2024 -
Game Update

Dear Tibiantic Players,

We are pleased to announce two significant updates to enhance your gaming experience.

Life Drain Damage Adjustment: The issue with creatures' life drain damage has been resolved. They now drain life at a more stable and consistent rate, aligning with Version 7.4 You will no longer experience consecutive combos as before.

Knights' Damage and Defense Balance: The damage and defense mechanics for Knights have been balanced. This adjustment aims to reduce unnecessary waste and improve overall gameplay.

We hope you continue to enjoy your time in Tibiantic. Our commitment to developing and maintaining the game remains steadfast. Expect more exciting changes in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Tibiantic Team

5.3.2024 -
Planned Maintenance

Dear players. There will be planned maintenance work on our server tonight. It is planned to take approximately 8 hours. We will turn off the server this evening to prevent our data from being damaged in this process. We hope we will be active again as soon as possible.

19.2.2024 -

Dear friends. Many players complain about servers closing in a short time and they may hesitate to buy premium. For this reason, we decided to give 7 days of premium membership as a gift to new accounts starting from this date. I invite you all to be part of our community. To be fair we also added 7 days of premium time to all existing accounts.

Thanks sincerely.

19.2.2024 -
Tibiantic Started

Dear friends. Tibiantic started after a long process and effort. It will be a long-term adventure. I would like to thank all my friends who supported our project during this process. There will be no custom changes in the game. We will try to adapt the game contents to the original 7.4 as much as possible. We are a small community in this process. But every participant will help us grow together as part of our community. 

As of now, we have completed our 2nd week. Many minor game bugs were resolved in this process. The resolved game bugs are as follows:

  • Antidote runes are fixed
  • Trade channel is now available for rookgaard players
  • Life Ring & Ring of Healing's regenaration rates are corrected
  • Monster speed bug on gravel/sea edges are fixed
  • Promoted players mana/hp regeneration rate is adapted to original 7.4 rates
  • Traps are fixed to work as in version 7.4

Thanks sincerely.

28.10.2023 -
About Tibiantic

Tibiantic is a realistic 7.4 server. All items, maps and game dynamics have been reverse engineered to version 7.4. We are planning a long-term gaming experience, not seasonal. There will be original experience and loot rate. There will be no additional quests or map changes. In other words, the game will be the same now as it was in the 2005. And of course there will be no pay to win! We would be happy to see you with us in this adventure that we have been preparing for a long time!

Kind Regards.

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